The Benefits of Ribose for Canines

The supplement ribose is a form of metabolic sugar that supports the body's generation and maintenance of deoxyribonucleic acid, ribonucleic acid and adenosine triphosphate, also known as DNA, RNA and ATP. These three are responsible for healthy cell creation, functioning and energy storage, according to Vitamin Research Products. Ribose, or D-ribose, has been tested on dogs with success, and areas of canine benefit include heart health and energy levels. D-ribose can be purchased online, but dog owners should consult a veterinarian about dosage.

Healthy Heart Support

    Several animal studies point to D-ribose as a means of increasing the capacity of canine heart muscle, according to In these studies, the supplement was found to boost the level of ATP in heart muscle, and during dog exercise, that increased ATP can help the heart deliver blood to working muscles. D-ribose administration can also improve the blood flow of a dog's tongue, so panting, which helps an animal cool down after exercise, can be more efficient during recovery.

Heart Failure Aid

    Just as D-ribose helps the canine heart recover from exercise, the supplement may also support a dog in congestive heart failure. D-ribose has been studied successfully for congestive heart failure in humans, and older dogs can experience heart failure in much the same way people do.

    Canine heart failure develops when the organ is unable to pump the required amount of blood to the body's tissues, according to Fluid accumulates in a dog's lung and other cavities, which leads to coughing and difficulty breathing. When considering ribose for boosting ATP in canine heart failure, you should discuss its potential effectiveness with your veterinarian, as traditional medications should be tried before supplements.

Energy Booster

    D-ribose has been found to improve energy levels in human patients with chronic fatigue, and research suggests that the supplement also can improve energy in dogs. Supplementing with D-ribose as well as creatine monohydrate and betaine-glycocyamine, two metabolites that support cellular metabolism, can give your dog extra energy by making more ATP available for canine muscle groups, according to This means that your dog could potentially experience greater fitness and strength with regular D-ribose supplementation.

Muscle Soreness Aid

    There's some evidence that D-ribose may also help muscle soreness, according to If you have a working or agility dog, you may want to discuss D-ribose supplementation with your veterinarian to help support canine muscles that might be sore from overuse during work or exercise.

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